The Chocolate Gallery of B/CS

Assorted Box of 24 Chocolates

-2 in stock
  • Assorted Box of 24 Chocolates

The Chocolate Gallery of B/CS

Assorted Box of 24 Chocolates

-2 in stock


 Assorted Box of 24 Chocolates

Note: Due to slowed production and reduced staff from to COVID 19, the possibility of substituted chocolates will be higher than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us if you would like to clarify which chocolates are currently available.  

Twenty four of our most popular chocolates now available nationwide!

Our Chocolates have been voted Best Chocolates in the Best of the Brazos Valley for the past three years!

$72.00 + Shipping

Italian Wild Cherry Cordial Wild Amarena Cherries from Modena, Italy Immersed in Sweet Crème Fondant in a Dark Chocolate Shell - Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Divinity Fluffy Vanilla Nougat Loaded with Toasted Royalty Pecans and Hand-Dipped in Milk Chocolate Gluten Free

Honey & Lavender Clover Honey atop a Dark Chocolate Ganache Infused with Lavender in a Dark Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Caramelized Milk Chocolate A avante garde chocolate made Swiss Milk Chocolate blended with Caramelized Cane Sugar filled with a cream ganache Gluten Free

Gianduja Nutella A Milk Chocolate Shell Filled with Nutella® Hazelnut Filling Garnished with a Roasted Hazelnut Gluten Free

Key Lime Pie White Chocolate and Key Lime Butter Ganache on a Graham Cracker Crust 

Rio Brazos Whiskey Caramel Soft Caramel Infused with Local Distillery Rio Brazos’ Boxcar Texas Whiskey Hand-Dipped in Milk Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Red Raspberry Jam and Dark Chocolate Ganache in a Dark Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Blackberry Port Truffle Perrine Winery’s Award Winning Blackberry Dessert Wine Paired with Milk Chocolate Gluten Free

Cookies & Cream Fudge Hand-Made Vanilla Fudge with Oreo Cookie inclusions Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Almond Toffee Truffle Buttery English Toffee Coated in Milk Chocolate and Rolled in Toasted Almonds Gluten Free

Brazil Oberon Natural Coffee Dark Chocolate Ganache Flavored with What’s the Buzz Brazil Oberon Coffee in a Dark Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Pecan Toffee Truffle Buttery English Toffee Coated in Milk Chocolate and Rolled in Candied Royalty Pecans Gluten Free

Bailey's Cream Fudge Our Classic Chocolate Fudge made with Bailey's Irish Cream Gluten Free

Royalty Honey Pecan A Layer of Local Honey atop a Layer of Dark Chocolate Royalty Pecan Gianduja Gluten Free

Salted Caramel Creamy Salted Cream Caramel in a Milk Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Dr Pepper® Milk Chocolate Dr Pepper® Ganache with a Dark Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Milk Chocolate 42% Milk Chocolate Ganache in a Milk Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Swiss White Chocolate One of the best tasting White Chocolates in the World filled with White Chocolate Cream Ganache. Gluten Free

Coconut Caramel Coconut Infused Soft Caramel dipped in Dark Chocolate Gluten Free

Strawberry Dark Chocolate Strawberry Jam Layered with Dark Chocolate Ganache in a Dark Chocolate Shell Gluten Free

Classic Milk Chocolate Fudge Hand-Made Small Batch Milk Chocolate Fudge Enrobed in Milk Chocolate - Gluten Free

Chipotle Smoked Chocolate A Tablet Mesquite Smoked Dark Chocolate with a Spicy Chipotle Finish - Dairy Free, Gluten Free

Habanero Dark Chocolate Hand-Dipped with a Spicy Finish from Habanero Peppers - Gluten Free


 • Please Note: Our Bon Bons are best enjoyed within 3 weeks of delivery. If you are buying as a gift, please notify us of an appropriate delivery date to ensure freshness. 

• Manufactured in a facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, milk, wheat and soy.

• Box Dimensions: Length 9.75" x Width 6.75" x Height 1.5"

• On very rare occasions chocolates may be substituted or duplicated due to availability. 

• Due to the perishable nature of our items and Facebook's, generic shipping and return policy, all Chocolate Gallery product items listed on Facebook are considered "Final Sale" therefore Facebook's shipping and return policy does not apply. To see our actual Shipping and Return Policy please visit: